Lee Halvorsen
Lee Halvorsen's Original Country/Folk Rock Music
Lee Halvorsen
Original Music

Country/Folk Rock
Collectibles 4Sale
Nonsports Cards, Comics,
Action Figures, Statues,
Beanie Babies
Songs like...Barbara Ann or Blue Moon
4 Ever Young

Doo Wop (50s/60s rock 'n' roll)
A capella quartet
Dallas Metroplex
Kasha Halvorsen
Fine food for fine tastes
Kasha's Kitchen
Chef:  Kasha Halvorsen

Catering fine food to
the Dallas Metroplex
(pH Miracle compatible
menus available)
Creative ideas to help point your company in the right direction!
Global Images Design Studio
Owner:  Michele Ward
Design studio aimed at
developing creative solutions
for each customers’ needs.
McKinney, TX

Last Updated:  February 25, 2012
Created: June 04, 2000

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