Copyright © Lee L. Halvorsen, 1993



There was a time when I was young,
I had many friends, well, at least some.
But since then, I don't know why,
My friends just left, now I can only cry:

       Baby, I'm so alone. I said,
       Baby, I'm so alone. I said,
       Baby, I'm so alone, again,
       Without any friends.

The world seems cruel and cold,
When you're all on your own and so alone.
It's just so hard to meet someone new,
When your old friends leave, and you feel so blue


Some days I just want to stay in bed.
What's the point in getting up when you have no friends.
Friends to meet in the day for some fun,
I just can't motivate myself when I have no one.


       (Please, be my friend.)