Only Human
Copyright © Lee L. Halvorsen, 1993



I remember when we were young.
Things were simple, we had lots of fun.
Then we grew older, and things just changed.
I wasn't ready to have my life rearranged.

Girl, I still loved you no matter what you thought.
You wanted me to change some things I just could not.
I wish I could have done all you wanted me to do.
But, I couldn't change who I was, even for you.

       I'm Only Human made of flesh and blood.
       I have my limits just like anyone.
       I wish I could have been all you wanted me to be.
       But, I could never be that god-like figure you wanted to see.

I think back to those times now and again,
Wondering if I could have brought a better end.
But, we were set on who we were and wanted to be;
There was no way it could have worked that I can see.


I'm Only Human...
I have my limits...


I'm Only Human.