Love Knocked Me Out
Dedicated to Shawn & Annie
Copyright © Lee L. Halvorsen, 2000



I had given up on looking for love.
I had decided it just wasn't meant to be.
That's when she walked into my life.
And knocked the breath right out of me.

       Love Knocked Me Out. (I said)
       Love Knocked Me Out. (Girl, your)
       Love Knocked Me Out...
       Knocked me out cold.

I knew she was special when we first met.
I can't explain why, it was only a hunch.
But even with that, I never thought such a little girl
Could pack such a whopping big punch.


I have heard it said that love hurts,
But it can be one of those pains that feels so good.
I was afraid, so I tried to avoid all her jabs,
But my heart went down when she threw her right hook.