Listen to Your Heart
Dedicated to Don & Julie
Copyright © Lee L. Halvorsen, 2000



Back in my college days, a roommate of mine
Came to me seeking some advice.
You see, he was dating this girl, and everything seemed fine.
But, there was this different girl who wanted a chance to be a part of his life

He was wondering what he should do and just what I thought,
Should he stick with the status quo and just keep what he already got,
Or should he break it off and take a chance with the other girl. That is,
Should he stay with the current one or try somebody new. And I told him…

       Listen to Your Heart, Listen to Your Heart.
       Oh, what does it have to say.
       You better heed what it tells you, boy,
       You better listen up today.
       I've only got one little piece of advice,
       That can never steer you wrong.
       Oh, whenever you have a doubt, Listen to Your Heart.

Some years went by, but there were still those
Who respected whatever I might say.
The time soon came when another friend
Wanted to know if what he was doing was really okay.

He had started seeing this girl just a couple of months ago,
Everything seemed on track but it was going just a little too fast.
He had been down this road, two times before,
But neither of those times had been such a whirlwind of romance.

Should he slow things down a bit, were things too good to be true?
I went back to some fateful words to tell him just what to do.


My heart was telling me to take that final step.
And ask my girl to be my wife.
I knew she loved me, too, but I wasn't sure how much.
I didn't know if she was ready to commit to me her life.

I was so nervous when I got down on one knee,
When I popped the question and presented that engagement ring.
I could see the doubt in her eyes when I finished my request.
Before she could answer me, I told her to listen to one more thing!

[Chorus:…tells you, girl…]