Magical Feeling
Copyright © Lee L. Halvorsen, 1996



There's a Magical Feeling in the air tonight.
I'm not really quite sure what it is.
Maybe it's the way the moonlight is reflected in your eyes;
Maybe it's just the way we kiss.

I can't remember ever feeling this feeling before.
This sensation is something brand new.
I think I know what this feeling is, but I'm not quite sure.
All I know is that I only feel it when I'm with you.

What are you thinking tonight? What's on your mind?
Do you feel the same way that I do?
There's three words I want to say, but is this the right time?
Do I take the chance? Yes! "I love you!"

Is that a tear in your eye? Is that a smile I see?
Did I hear you say, "What took you so long?!"
There's no words which can describe the way this moment feels.
Everything's so right, what could ever go wrong?!

There's a Magical Feeling in the air tonight....