Copyright © Lee L. Halvorsen, 1993



Pain, agonizing pain!
Driving me insane;
All because you left me.

Do, what am I to do?
In a world without you,
Please tell me what is the key.

Help, where can I go for help?
For someone like myself,
Who can I turn to?

Love, all I ever wanted was love.
Not a lot, just enough,
And I thought it came from you.

Wrong, how could I ever been so wrong?!
By believing for so long
That you could have ever loved me.

Now, I must learn to live for now!
Looking up instead of down;
Open my eyes and see...

Life, a brand new start on life.
I must get past all this strife
To find new hope to believe in.

End, I must bring this pain to an end!!
With some help from [some] of my friends,
I will find a way to love, again.