Tiger Eyes
Copyright © Lee L. Halvorsen, 1991



       Tiger Eyes, what do you see
       Through your bars of captivity?
       Tiger Eyes, you look so sad;
       Don't lose your soul to the will of man!

There was a time when you could roam,
All through this world since it all was your home.
But, since then, you've been confined to a cage.
I understand your first feelings of rage.

But, now in your eyes I see only despair
Because of all the time you had to spend here.
All you do now is sit and mope,
But don't forget when there's life, there's hope.


It is true that you're physically bound,
But that's not a good reason to feel so down.
There's more to you than a body of flesh.
You have a spirit which cannot rest.

That spirit's free and will not be broken
As long as you believe and keep on hoping.
You have a mind whose thoughts are the key
Because through those thoughts you can always be free!!


Tiger Eyes, Tiger Eyes, etc.