Copyright © Lee L. Halvorsen, 1992



It's late at night and all is dark.
Listen to those dogs howl, listen to them bark.
You gotta beware of more than thieves and muggers.
You gotta watch out for those thirsty blood-suckers.

       Vampires, on the prowl again.
       Vampires, don't keep many friends.
       Vampires, they just want a bite.
       Vampires, is your neck safe tonight?!

Grab some garlic, grab your crucifix;
You don't know what kind of company in which you will mix.
You really have no idea who might be around.
For all you know, there could be some Transylvanian count.

One of those, [Chorus]

Look over yonder there's a cemetery.
Oh my God, there's someone they're about to bury.
Man, I wonder if that personís really dead;
Or, if that coffinís just a temporary day-time bed.

For one of those, [Chorus]

There are many strange creatures of the night,
None of which you ever want to come within your sight.
Many people don't want to cross paths with a black cat.
Me, I never want to meet up with a vampire bat.


Ya' know, some people can really be a pain in the neck!
Know what I mean?!