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Frequently Asked Questions


Why is the weight with the calculated shipping higher then the total weight of the selected items?

Packing materials have some weight, too.

Why do I have to setup an account in order to complete an order?

This version of the Zen Cart Shopping Cart requires that.  Even though it seems a little inconvenient, it does seem to have added value overall.

Note:  If you plan to coordinate a personal delivery in the North Dallas area, you do not have to use real information.  (Just put "Anything" in the required text fields and select Texas for the state.

Is my payment information secure?

If you are paying through PayPal, you are going through PayPal's secure site; therefore, none of your personal payment information is seen by the shopping cart.

I have collectibles for trade.  Do you trade?

In general, no.  I used to have a "want list" on the website.  It was a small list, and after implementing the Zen Cart, it did not seem useful.  At this point, it is just easier to sell you the available items.  Basically, you can always email me and ask but don't count on it.

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