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From the Heart
(The CD)


I wrote my first song in 1989 (Good Night, My Children).   I recorded From the Heart, a 58 minute CD with a total of 23 tracks, in March 2001, and a master CD-R was created in April 2001.   Some friends (see "thank yous" below) helped by doing several technical aspects (i.e., recording/mixing work); however, the music (lyrics/vocals/guitar) and cover art/insert concepts are all my own work.

Back then, the original plan was to just distribute CD-R's burned on the computer.   However, technology at that point would not guarantee a CD player could play a burned CD-R copy.   Since I could not guarantee that the burned CD-R would play in a player, I decided that I could not attempt to mass market/sell any physical CDs unless they were professionally replicated.   Ultimately, that did not happen.   Some of the streaming sites I joined allowed the selling of the content, but that never amounted to much.   Fast-forward to 2019, after joining and having some fans react positively to music, I searched for current [re-]distribution options.   I found/chose a distributor, so the [digital] CD is now available on various sites (Amazon Music, Google Play, Apple Music, Spotify, and others).

Cover art:

Thanks to my family and my friends for "loving" and supporting my music.

Thanks to Steve DeCrow for his time and expertise to enable the making of the master tape recording(s) for this project.   Thanks to Graham Smith for turning the tape recording into a digital CD-R recording for this project.

It’s hard to explain the inspiration of my music.   I usually play some chords, and some melody/lyrics come to me which I then elaborate on.   Basically, it all just comes From the Heart.

NOTE:   To see the lyric sheet of a song in a different window, click on the title.

1.   Red-Blooded American Guy 3:30
2.   Heartache 3:14
3.   Enlightenment 1:07
4.   Girl 2:45
5.   I Love Loving You 3:45
6.   Pain 2:03
7.   Life Goes On 2:23
8.   It's Up to You 1:08
9.   Listen to Your Heart
Dedicated to Don & Julie
10.   Love Knocked Me Out
Dedicated to Shawn & Annie
11.   Magical Feeling 2:50
12.   I Hear Voices
Dedicated to Cindy
13.   (I Can't Carry) The Weight of the World 2:16
14.   Only Human 2:02
15.   Black Heart 1:42
16.   Tiger Eyes 2:20
17.   (These Just Aren't) Pickup Lines 2:44
18.   Only You 2:28
19.   (You're My) Lucky Charm 2:08
20.   Music Box 2:11
21.   Good Night, My Children 3:51
22.   Vampires 2:10
23.   'Tis the Season 3:38

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