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Songs of Lee Halvorsen
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heart Recorded on CD,
From the Heart
From the Heart

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1.16 MB
Black Heart

This is my moralistic song.   A single song cannot change the world, but it can make some people think [and hopefully] make it so there are a few less "black hearts" in the world.

Published in Carvings in Stone, 1996

heart Enlightenment

Formerly titled Afraid.

Published in Best Poems of the '90s, 1997

heart Girl  
heart Goodnight,
My Children
heart Heartache  
  Here I Am
(There You Go)
heart I Hear Voices  
heart I Love Loving You  
heart It's Up to You  
heart Life Goes On Published in Best Poems of 1998, 1998
heart Listen to Your Heart  
heart Love Knocked Me Out  
heart (You're My)
Lucky Charm
Magical Feeling

A love song.   Simply about a guy and girl who have been dating awhile, but neither has said those three little words.   But, when one of them does, it's just a magical feeling.

Published in The Nightfall of Diamonds, 1997

heart Music Box  
heart Only Human  
heart Only You  
heart Pain  
heart (These Just Aren't)
Pickup Lines
2.43 MB
Red-Blooded American Guy This is my adopted signature song.   This song attempts to capture the spirit of the stereotypical American guy.   A guy who likes to keep things simple and down-to-earth.
  Searching for Love  
heart Tiger Eyes  
heart 'Tis the Season  
Vampires This is my "cult classic".   Just a fun song [which my niece and nephews just much in fact, I normally have to play it for them even at Christmastime].
  Wedding Vows
(I Promise)
Published in The International Who's Who in Poetry, 2004
heart (I Can't Carry)
The Weight of the World
Published in Best Poems of 1997, 1997
  Where's My Sun?  
  Your Choice  

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